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It's Not Their Fault!

The biggest problem A level Chemistry students have is handling the leap from GCSE to A Level.

Students get a shock when they start A Level studies and see that it’s a massive leap and very different from where they've come from.

Your son or daughter could have been an A* or even A** student and assumed they would continue to be so at A Level.

However, they may now be struggling to achieve that same success.

It’s not their fault.

The problem is the gap in what they’ve been taught at GCSE and what they’re expected to know when starting A Level Chemistry.

If you find your son or daughter is struggling and worried about achieving the grades that you and they are used to – it really is not their fault.

They have not been prepared for this transition.

It’s not too late. They can make up for lost time and get back on track.

I’d be happy to jump on a call and show you how they can do that.

Here’s a link to my diary:

I look forward to speaking with you soon.



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