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How do you tutor A Level Chemistry tutor online?

By being an A Level Chemistry tutor online I can teach students throughout the United Kingdom and worldwide.


Since moving online I've tutored students in Russia, China, United Arab Emirates, Finland and even while on holiday in the Pyrenees. 


I believe this is definitely the future of tuition as there are now some great tools for online tuition for chemistry.  


We can screen share, share resources and share a whiteboard paper. 


The video shows a quick demonstration of how I tutor rate equations for a level chemistry online using screenshare and bitpaper.













Also here are more videos of demonstrating my a level chemistry online tuition



What are the benefits of having an A Level Chemistry tutor online?

  • No driving time for anyone

  • Easier to schedule appointments

  • In the comfort of your home

  • Weather never affects tutoring

  • Parents don’t have to be home

  • Parents can be in same room

  • Students are focused

  • Young students are very comfortable with technology

  • Students can use their PC/Mac

  • Tuition takes place anywhere even when you are on holiday

  • If you move home you still have a tutor

  • It's still face to face tuition via video

  • We write / share paper on screen

  • We save screen tuition notes

  • We use great internet a level chemistry resources

  • The list just goes on and on......

What equipment is required for online A Level Chemistry tuition?

As you see in the video all you need for A Level Chemistry Tuition is a mac, pc or laptop, broadband and headset and off we go.  

What online tuition software is used?

For online a level chemistry teaching we use skype or zoom and bitpaper

In addition to audio and video communications we can screen-share, upload documents and interact with them.

Can you save online A Level Chemistry lessons?

Yes. One of the benefits of the online teaching environment is the 'bitpaper' can be saved just like normal paper so we can keep a full record of tuition progress.

If you would like further information or would like to book tuition with me please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Paul Morgan BSc MSc PGCE

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