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Private A Level Chemistry Tutor Online 

Private A Level Chemistry Tutor

Private A Level Chemistry Tutor - Paul Morgan

For Parents

Do you have hopes and ambitions for your child?

Are you...

Not seeing the the same confidence in your child you saw at GCSE Chemistry?

Concerned about their results in A level chemistry tests?

Observing your child working hard but not achieving the results they deserve?

Worried they may not get the exam grade they need?

Feeling unable to help?

Hoping your child will achieve a grade A in A Level Chemistry?

For Students

Are you?

Finding it difficult with the step up to A Level even though you did well at GCSE?

Not performing as well as you hoped in Chemistry tests and exams?

Feeling you are not understanding chemistry as well as your other subjects?

Not fully understanding one of your teachers

Worried you may not achieve your required grade to study medicine or veterinary studies or biochemistry

Motivated but feel your chemistry ability isn't reflected in your results

Whatever the reason I can help. As a specialist private A Level chemistry tutor for over 7 years I can help you quickly improve confidence, understanding and grades in A Level chemistry.  

I would thoroughly enjoy tutoring you on a one to one basis and seeing your confidence and chemistry ability grow and helping you reach your full potential and go on to successful careers in areas such as Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary. 


Details of other students I've helped as a private A Level Chemistry tutor are here

By tutoring online I can help you wherever you are based. 

Please contact me if you would like further information or would like to book a level chemistry tuition with me. I look forward to hearing from you.

About Me

I am a former nuclear waste research manager for the atomic energy authority in Sellafield. 


I am a fully qualified and experienced teacher of chemistry. 


My scientific research has been published in the Journal of Radiochemistry. 


I live in my hometown of Burnley, Lancashire with my wife and children.


Since 2012 I've been a full time tutor helping students improve their confidence, understanding and grades in A level chemistry as well as helping some students with their GCSE Maths results


Journal of Radiochemistry

The immobilisation of technetium 99 using polymer modified cements

Dr A Dyer, P Morgan.

University of Salford

MSc {Research} Radiochemistry

University of Manchester

BSc Chemistry and Environmental Science 

University of Northumbria

PGCE Science with Chemistry


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