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Private A Level Chemistry Tutor Testimonials

Private A Level Chemistry Tutor, Paul Morgan, thankyou messages...

"Hi Paul, it's Kate just texting to say thank you for the well wishes and all your help, I got all Bs overall so I got into my first choice of university. Only 3 marks away from an A in chemistry!"

"Hi Paul it's Amber just to let you know I got a B overall in chemistry! An A & B in other subjects so got into Lancaster uni. Thanks so much for helping me get my chem grades up"

"Hey I got an A in chemistry! 3As overall and doing medicine. Thanks for all your help it paid off!"

"Really delighted.  3A* with 100% on 5 out of the 7 exams. Thanks for all your help over the years. Your support is reflected in both girls results so a big thank you. Best wishes Nicola."


"Hi Paul, yes everything went well. Matthew got into Manchester. B chemistry. Thank you for all your help. Regards."

"Hi Paul, Joe got A in A2 and AS Chem. Hope all well."


"Hi, got a D overall which is what I needed for uni! Got a B in unit 4. Thanks for all your help."


"Hi Paul. She got a B in chemistry and is going to Liverpool Uni. Thanks for all your help. Her chemistry definitely improved. Joanne"

More testimonials are given in my a level chemistry blog.

Please contact me if you require a private a level chemistry tutor online.



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